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Actor Shares Update On Illness In New Speech

Jamie Foxx gave an update on his health after he suffered an

Natural makeup looks are taking over, so here’s how to nail the barefaced-but-better look

You can wave goodbye to your full-coverage foundation (for now), because ultra-glowy,

Are Your Eyeballs Making You Look Older?

But the most common visibly aging condition to the eyes is dry

Are some traits linked to lower risk?

People whose personalities lean toward conscientiousness, extraversion, and positive affect are less likely to develop

Why many eligible adults aren’t taking these drugs

Researchers report that only 35% of adults who are eligible to take statins for prevention

Reed Ryan, 22-Year-Old College Football Player, Dies From Cardiac Arrest After Workout

The college football community is mourning the loss of Reed Ryan, a senior defensive lineman at the University of Minnesota

Silver hair is the pearlescent winter hair trend that the cool girls are rocking

There's no denying it, silver hair has been one of the most talked-about shades of

Lifestyle changes can protect cognition

The number of people worldwide living with Alzheimer’s disease is expected to hit 153 million

51 Christmas nail art designs you’ll seriously want to wear

Christmas nail art may not sound chic, but some of our favourite manicurists have proven

The ‘Old Money blow-dry’ is your go-to for glamorous hair this party season

It was only a matter of time before quiet luxury went beyond Sofia Richie's blazers

The mushroom bob is the surprising haircut that will be everywhere in 2024

2023 has been the indisputable year of the bob. But just when you thought the

NBC News’ Antonia Hylton Reveals Symptoms of Rare Cancer

NBC News correspondent Antonia Hylton is sharing for the first time that she was diagnosed

Signs Your Cold Is Getting Better

While children play in winter wonderlands, families nestle together near the fire, and workers attend

Stem cell therapy shows promise in trial

Share on PinterestStem cell therapy could help halt the progression of cognitive impairment in multiple

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If you'd left hair glitter behind in the nineties, it's time to

Healthier diet at age 40 could add 8 years to your life

Fewer than 0.1% of adults in the United Kingdom adhere to the

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If you're prone to the dreaded ‘red wine headache’, it's not necessarily

13 best tinted lip balms for ultimate hydration and a gorgeous flush of colour

There's no denying that tinted lip balms are one of the most

Does drinking coffee help prevent IBS? Study provides insights

Drinking coffee may help protect against the development of irritable bowel syndrome

Swap crunches for these six moves to strengthen your entire core and boost your balance

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Pet Food Brands Recalled Due To Salmonella Outbreak

Pet food made by Mid America Pet Food is being recalled after

This trainer’s no-equipment morning workout will stretch and strengthen your body with just seven moves

write a 1000 word article about This trainer's no-equipment morning workout will