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Designer Iris Apfel Dies at 102

The world has lost a fashion icon. Designer and fashion icon Iris

Two subtypes discovery may lead to better treatments

Researchers say artificial intelligence has helped them identify two subtypes of prostate

Why Is Victoria Beckham In Crutches?

Victoria Beckham is attending Paris Fashion Week with an unexpected set of

How Tennessee CHAMP program makes life better

Monitoring and controlling childhood asthma presents many challenges.The CHAMP program in Shelby County, Tennessee, is

Singer Has Aphasia After Stroke

Randy Travis delighted his fans when he made a rare public appearance on the set

Ultra-processed foods linked to 32 negative health issues

Share on PinterestResearchers say foods such as cheeseburgers can lead to a number of health issues. hapabapa/Getty ImagesUltra-processed foods undergo

CDC Lifts COVID Isolation Guidelines As Fewer People Test For COVID

People who test positive for COVID no longer need to isolate for five days, the Centers

Is Matcha Good for You? A Dietitian Explains the Health Benefits

With its photo-worthy green hue and buzzy caffeine content, matcha is the trendy tea that's

I Tried Dakota Johnson’s Madame Web Sculpt Society 30-Minute Workout

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We tried the new Zara Hair products, but do they live up to their promise of catwalk-ready styling?

Zara is renowned for tapping legendary artists to design its beauty products. In 2021, it

9 Great Haircuts If You’re Over 50 And Wear Glasses

It’s not always easy to marry your haircut to your glasses, but when you do

Il Makiage foundation review: does it live up to the hype? Here’s my honest verdict

The Il Makiage foundation is my Roman Empire. Although my day job includes reviewing dozens

Anne Hathaway just gave us two iconic hairstyles in one weekend

When it comes to the red carpet, Anne Hathaway seems to scatter lust-worthy hair trends

Bachelor Joey Graziadei’s Yellow Eyes Caused By Gilbert Syndrome

The current Bachelor is opening up about what causes his eyes to appear yellow after

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Is Cereal For Dinner Healthy? Dietitian Explains As Kellogg Criticized

When WK Kellogg CEO Gary Pilnick recently suggested people could eat cereal

Former Michigan Football Star Craig Roh, 33, Dies of Colon Cancer

Craig Roh, a former college football standout at the University of Michigan,

Moms Of Kids Who Ate Pouches Speak Out

Courtney Akin, 30, started buying convenient applesauce pouches for her son, Jaxson,

Are Sardines Healthy? Dietitians Reveal Benefits for Heart, Brain And More

Love them or hate them, sardines are having a moment. On TikTok,

Which Is Healthier? A Dietitian Weighs In

The plant-based milk (or, as some call it, mylk) section of the

What Black Women Can Say When Symptoms Dismissed During Pregnancy

When OB-GYN Dr. Chavone Momon-Nelson thinks about the Black maternal mortality crisis,

Novel pathway may be contributing to decline in brain plasticity in Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s disease is characterized by the loss of synapses, the sites where

K-Pop Groups Weight Loss, Endurance

Being able to belt out a song while performing strenuous choreography requires