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Desperate for Ozempic and Mounjaro, Some People Are Turning to DIY Versions

Desperate for an affordable source of the new generation of potent anti-obesity drugs, some people have turned to a potentially

The Best Leg Exercises for Stronger Glutes, Quads, and Hamstrings

Sure, keeping the leg muscles strong makes you look toned, but they’re also really important for overall functioning. You need

Social isolation linked to loss of brain volume

Researchers have found an association between social isolation and lower brain volume.A loss of brain volume suggests neurodegeneration that may

Intensive exercise helps ease symptoms

Researchers are reporting that intensive exercise can help ease symptoms of Parkinson’s disease.Experts say the benefits are apparent in both

Do vitamin D supplements help prevent heart disease?

Australian researchers followed a group of older adults to determine whether vitamin D supplements could reduce the risk of major

Causes, Treatment and Prevention Tips

Sun spots on your face can be reminders of a summer spent hiking, swimming or relaxing outdoors. But those marks

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Your one-stop resource for medical news and education.