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Our shopping editors use this setting spray religiously (and you can buy it for just £8)

Setting spray is a bit of a Marmite product. Some makeup artists swear by it, others will tell you it's

Why the Hottest New Skin Care Products Look Like Milk

It’s been said that Cleopatra would take milk baths to improve the look and feel of her skin. Turns out,

How to shave your pubic hair like a pro, in case you’re curious

There are certain things many of us do regularly without barely a second thought, one of which being — at

Fungal acne isn’t actually acne at all – here’s the lowdown on how to spot it and stop it

There isn’t one acne variation that’s ‘nicer’ than the other, but you’ll probably agree that ‘hormonal’ or ‘stress-related’ sounds marginally

These are the foods you should *never* eat before getting on a flight

Picture this: you've spent months planning your summer holiday. You've packed your case, made it to the airport before sunrise

Billie Eilish Does Retro Barbie Beauty For Her New Music Video

Billie Eilish is a fan of moody beauty. Though the pop star enjoyed an extended stint as a bleached blonde,

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