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“People don’t give me money because they just think I'll spend it on crack and cider.”

This powerful insight from a homeless neighbour is what CRACK + CIDER is built on. We realised we all feel incredibly guilty when we pass some of our city’s 7000 homeless people but we don’t know how to help. Anti-rough sleeping messages continue to be spread with posters that claim “giving to rough sleepers contributes to their early death” (Chelsea & Kensington Borough, London, 2015)

We knew there must be a better way. Welcome to CRACK + CIDER: The world’s first shop for the homeless. 

What is it? 

CRACK + CIDER is a store where customers can buy useful items for our city's homeless.

How does it work? 

After speaking with local shelters we curated a list of the most essential items a homeless person might need. You simply choose which item you want to give, purchase it here and we’ll do the rest on your behalf. 

We work with local, independent shelters and soup kitchens to get your purchase into the hands of those most in need. 

Who's behind it? 

Scarlett Montanaro and Charlotte Cramer, two Londoners who decided something needed to change. The goal is to start a global conversation about rough sleeping with the hopes of making the lives of those living on our streets a little better. 

We love hearing from you! Drop us a line at hello@crackandcider.com if you’d like to know more. 

*if you're interested in how we're running things from a business perspective please have a look here