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"That first winter it tough. If you guys were around it would have been a godsend!" - David, ex-homeless

"This initiative gives people an opportunity to take some direct action to help rough sleepers.” - Stephen Robertson, CEO The Big Issue Foundation 

"We are currently devising a strategy to make homelessness in the UK extinct within 15 years....and I think you guys are doing such an admirable thing." - Ryan Maynes Labour Campaign to end Homelessness 2030

"I'm sure like many others, I feel immensely guilty about not being able to give people on the street money, simply because I have no idea what it'll be spent on.  Your platform has given me an easy and effective way to help those less fortunate out. People like yourselves make London the wonderful city it is!" - Debbie

"Many times I have felt guilty for walking past homeless people for whom I want to give something but I did not want to donate money that is wasted, so your venture is absolutely great." - Anis

"I have been wanting to find a project like yours for ages, as I, like most people am wary of giving homeless people money - I sometimes give them food, but not cash usually." - Charlie

"I'm one of those people who are wary of giving cash to the homeless and this morning I was wondering how I could contribute in a way that ensured the money would be used as intended..great idea, hope it flies." - Rachel